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Candy A to Z: Juicy Drop Gummies

December 28, 2017 1 Comment

You've gotta love a company that encourages you to play with your food, and that's exactly what Bazooka Candy Brands does with their Juicy Drop products! Juicy Drops combine a sweet candy (gummies, taffy, lollipops or gum) with a tube of sour gel that you can apply in any amount you like. It's like getting to create your own flavor! You can add a small drop of gel for a sweet treat with a sour touch, or add a big squeeze of sour gel to make a lip-puckering candy that only the toughest tastebuds can handle. Grab a pack and see if you can make the absolute best combination!

Seriously, this candy can amuse Jimmy Sweet Tooth for hours at a time, so don't underestimate how engrossing it could be for an actual kid!

Juicy Drops GummiesJimmy Sweet Tooth says: I love that these candies give you something to do. It's so much more fun than popping two handfuls into your mouth and then they're gone. I tried the Juicy Drop gummies, and the first thing I noticed was the smell. As soon as you open the package there's this great fruity scent that gives you a "preview" of the flavor. I also like that the gummies have an extra firm chew to them--really nice! And don't tell anyone, but I might try putting some of the leftover sour gel on other candies... 

Juicy Drops GummiesMajor components: Sugar-sanded sweet gummies, sour gel 

Primary texture: Chewy with a gel "glaze" that you control
Flavor profile: Primarily sweet and fruity, with a sour fruit flavor you control

Manufacturer: Bazooka Candy Brands

Year Introduced: Twenty-teens (They're pretty new!)

Flavors available: Watermelon Blast, Blue Rebel, Knock-Out Punch, and Apple Attack for gummies. Other Juicy Drop products have their own unique flavors!

Recommended if you like: Sour Patch Kids, Gushers Fruit Chews, Lik-M-Aid Fun Dip Candy

Brand Brothers and Sisters: Juicy Drop Pops, Juicy Drop Sweet Gum & Sour Gel, Juicy Drop Taffy 

Suggested uses: Juicy Drop products make great stocking stuffers or party favors because they're an activity as well as a candy! If you get multiple flavors, kids can swap candies and gels to create their own unique flavor combinations. Having a kids' table at your wedding? Skip the Jordan Almonds for the little ones and give them some Juicy Drops! If you get creative, you could probably use them as decorating candy, too. Just don't blame us if the gel gets runny and makes your gingerbread house look like a crime scene!

Have you tried any of the Juicy Drop products? Were you blown away? Share your own review in the comments!

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June 02, 2018

Omg I want juicy drop gummies so bad but they aren’t in any stores near me

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