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Candy A to Z: Ice Cubes

December 14, 2017

Talk about a company that does it all! R.L. Albert & Son, Inc., is one of the most prolific candy makers you've probably never heard of. Founded in 1916 as a European food importer, the company quickly found a "sweet spot' selling all kinds of wonderful confections, and their signature Ice Cubes have been a beloved treat since the 1950s.

Ice Cubes at AllCityCandy.comIn our stores you can buy individual Ice Cubes for some small change, just like your parents and grandparents did. Or, if you're a big fan, you can buy a 60- or 100-piece case of Ice Cubes to enjoy and share. The rows upon rows of individually-wrapped candies glisten like the gold in Fort Knox, but the real treasure is the soft, smooth iced chocolate (kind of like a dense, fudgy frosting) inside!

And once you've fallen in love with Ice Cubes, you'll definitely want to check out Albert's other offerings. With a selection ranging from classic lollipops, to powdered candy, to gumballs and soft chews, you could satisfy the most adventurous sweet tooth on their products alone!

Ice Cubes Chocolate CandyJimmy Sweet Tooth says: Before I even sampled these I was in love with their retro charm. Just looking at that wrapper, you know these are going to give you a taste of the past. They're made with coconut oil, which is what keeps them so soft, but that doesn't come through in the flavor. These are most definitely a chocolaty candy. Unlike other chocolates that have a snap when you break them, these are very creamy and melt away almost as soon as you pop them into your mouth.

Major components: Cocoa, Coconut Oil

Primary texture: Soft, fudgy chocolate

Flavor profile: Chocolate

Manufacturer: R.L. Albert and Son, Inc.

Year Introduced: 1950s

Flavors available: Chocolate

Recommended if you like: Chocolate, obviously :)

Brand Brothers and Sisters: Fruit Chews (lots of flavors!), Big Slice Pops, Foiled Belgian Chocolate Color Splash Roses, Frunas Fruit Chews, Jungle Jollies, Color Splash Unicorn Lollipops, and more!

Suggested uses: Albert's Ice Cubes are perfect for any 50s themed party, milestone birthdays or retirement parties. No doubt, they'll bring back fond memories! Their shiny gold wrappers and unique shape make them look like tiny little bars of gold, so they're also great for trade shows, 007-themed events, celebrations of new careers, or pirate parties (those are a thing, right?). With a little imagination, you can find an excuse to serve Ice Cubes at just about any event!

Ice Cubes Chocolate Candy

Do you have fond memories of Albert's Ice Cubes, or know someone who does? Share them in the comments!

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