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Candy A to Z: Coconut Long Boys

September 21, 2017 1 Comment

First, a confession: The wrapper of the candy sampled for this article actually reads "Long Boys Coconut," so maybe we're jumping the gun a little bit. We do, however, have plenty of photographic evidence that some of the packaging for these candies reads "Coconut Long Boys," so we're filing it under "C!"

It was tough to dig up much info on this particular treat, which is a shame. The retro-looking wrapper suggests that it's been around a while, and that probably means it has an interesting story. tells us that Coconut Long Boys originated in New Orleans, and we know that somewhere along the line Texas-based Atkinson's Candy became the manufacturer, but beyond that, details are few and far between. 

We're quite fond of the gangly cartoon boy on the wrapper, who reminds us of that one awkwardly tall, but totally lovable, guy from high school (everybody knew a guy like that, right?). If he were here right now, we'd probably spend the afternoon chomping on our Coconut Long Boys and talking about the "good old days."

Coconut Long Boys Juniors at AllCityCandy.comJimmy Sweet Tooth says: "I can't believe I'd never tried these before. As a kid, I didn't like coconut, so I guess I'm playing catch-up in that department. It might sound dumb, but I was surprised at how much coconut flavor they actually have. And there are real coconut flakes in there! Shame on me for expecting artificial flavor. I really need to try the chocolate variety, too."

Coconut Long Boys at AllCityCandy.comMajor components: Caramel, Coconut
Primary texture: Chewy
Flavor profile: Sweet, buttery, coconut
Manufacturer: Atkinson Candy Company
Flavors available: Coconut
Brand Brothers and Sisters: Black Cow, Chick-O-Stick, Gemstone, Mint Twists, Peanut Butter Bars, Slo Poke, Sophie Mae 

Suggested uses: Coconut Long Boys are great for candy buffets (they'll probably be new to many of your guests!), stocking stuffers, and everyday snacking. The coconut flavor could also give them a tropical vibe, in the right setting. Luau anyone?

Do you have a crush on Coconut Long Boys? Profess your love below!

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June 21, 2024

Does anybody have any idea of when the coconut long boy was manufactured? Trying to figure out a time era. Thank you

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