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When In Doubt, Dip It In Chocolate!

August 28, 2017

We're probably not the first to offer the sage advice in the title of this post. We are, however, putting it into practice each and every day here at All City Candy, and we think that's a topic worth exploring.

For those of you who aren't aware, All City Candy isn't just a retailer of other manufacturers' sweets (although the bulk of our collection is made up of your favorite name-brand candy, including everyday favorites, new releases, nostalgic, retro, and hard-to-find candy). We also have our very own confectionery kitchen where we are cranking out some seriously scrumptious creations.

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels at All City CandyIn the beginning, we marketed our line of gourmet chocolate-dipped treats under the name "Pretzalicious." We still use that term regularly, but thanks to some very clever staff members and a willingness to "dip" anything, our collection has grown to include a variety of other mouthwatering, tears-of-joy-inducing, diet-destroying options.

Take, for example, our chocolate-covered Nutter Butter cookies. Chocolate Dipped Nutter Butter Cookies at All City CandyNot only do they include the double delight of chocolate and peanut butter, they also have a cookie crunch that'll rock your world. Just look at our team bios and see how many of them cited these tempting treats as their favorite candy.

Nutter Butters aren't your thing? How about a chocolate-dipped Twinkie? Oh yeah, we went there. Chocolate-covered Pop-Tarts? Now we're talkin! We've dipped Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies, Animal Crackers, and Rice Krispie Treats. And it doesn't stop there. Check out the full selection of our gourmet chocolate-dipped treats and open your mind to a whole new level of candy.Chocolate Dipped Treats at All City Candy


By now, you shouldn't need any more prompting to fill your cart with our chocolate-covered goodies (Why are you even still reading this?), but we'd be remiss if we didn't mention that these ambrosial delicacies are also delightfully decorated, which makes them perfect corporate gifts or a spectacular centerpiece for your candy buffet or dinner party. We can even customize the decoration and packaging to coordinate with the color scheme for your party or corporate logo. It really doesn't get any easier to create sweet memories!

Pretzel Party Gourmet Chocolate Dipped Treats Basket by All City CandyHandmade Gourmet Chocolate Bowl & Chocolate Dipped Treats by All City Candy Ultimate Collection Gourmet Chocolate Dipped Treats Basket by All City Candy

So, yes, make All City Candy your destination for M&M's, Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, Junior Mints, and all your other favorite big-name candies. We've got 'em wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling. But also think of us when you need the perfect gift or a way to turn your event into the party of the decade. No matter what your candy needs are, we've got 'em covered -- in chocolate!

Use the comments section to tell us which of our chocolate-dipped treats is your favorite or let us know what you think we should dip next!


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