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Things Are Not Always What They Seem

August 25, 2017

Candies that Look Like other Foods

Hey everybody, it's Jimmy Sweet Tooth, and I've got to admit, I have a fascination with foods that look like other foods. I don't know why. I guess it's the artist in me admiring the creativity of the people who come up with this stuff. All City Candy has quite a few sweet lookalikes in our collection, so today I thought I'd share a list of my favorites with you. Without further ado:

Jimmy Sweet Tooth's Top 10 Candies That Look Like Other Foods!!!

Cadbury Creme EggsCadbury Creme Egg - Ok, nobody's going to mistake one of these guys for a real egg (if you do, you may want to call your doctor ASAP, because you've been eating some bad eggs!), but I love everything about Cadbury Creme Eggs. From the colorful wrappers, to the orange "yolk" in the fondant, they're the perfect combo of clever and delicious. My dream is to one day figure out how to crack a few of these into a pan and make myself a candy omelet. You can bet that when I do, you'll see the recipe right here!

Jelly Belly Peas and Carrots Mellowcreme Candy at All City CandyJelly Belly Peas and Carrots Mellocreme Candy - Hey, mom told you to eat your vegetables! These faux veggies resemble their crunchy counterparts only in appearance, not in taste. They're actually Green Apple and Orange Sherbet flavored, which makes them a delicious and hilariously out-of-place addition to your candy buffet or company candy jar.
Hotlix Chili SuckersHotlix Chili Lix Suckers - These lollipops earn the "Jimmy Sweet Tooth Seal of Approval" because they're not just chili pepper shaped, they're chili pepper flavored! The fiery suckers are certainly not for everyone, but if you're a chili head or a candy fanatic who can handle the heat, you've got to give them a try! Available in Jalapeno, Red Chili and Habanero.

Nik L Nips Wax BottlesNik-L-Nip - These soda bottle candies made the list for being a great source of nostalgic lookalike fun! I'm sure many of you remember biting the tops off of these tiny wax treats, slurping out the fruity liquid inside and then chewing the bottles for the rest of the afternoon. I wouldn't recommend them as your only source of hydration on a hot day, but for a sweet addition to your summertime fun, they can't be beat!

Gummy Burger - This is a burger you'll want to eat very rare. That's my way of saying that I tossed one onto my grill and it melted into a glob of sticky goop. But can you blame me? This detailed gummy hamburger features gummy "cheese," "lettuce," and a "bun!" It's a novelty item that'll definitely crack up the kiddos at your next cookout.

Gummy Hot DogGummy Hot Dog - If you have hamburgers, you've got to have hot dogs! Like its partner above, this gummy wonder comes complete with a "bun" and "condiments." Now if only somebody would invent a candy sauce that we could squeeze out of a little ketchup packet...

Ovation Dark Chocolate Orange Break Apart - I'll let you in on a little secret: I've never actually tried this candy. I have, however, always been fascinated by the fact that these foil-wrapped chocolate "oranges" break apart into segments, just like the real thing. It's a nifty feature that makes them so much easier to share! If you're not big on oranges, consider one of these other great flavors.  

Gold Foiled Chocolate CigarsGold Solid Milk Chocolate Cigars - Ok, these don't exactly look like a food, but they get bonus points for being a healthier alternative to real cigars. Plus, they do a great job of mimicking an old-timey cigar box and the shiny gold wrappers give them a really classy look. They're all-around impressive, so they make the cut in my book! New dads, take note: passing out these tasty morsels in place of real smokes is a great update to an age-old tradition. More of a pipe kinda guy? Check out Licorice Pipes.

Haribo Gummi Cola Bottles at All City CandyHaribo Super Cola Bottles - Another soda pop doppelganger, these chewy bottles combine two of my favorite guilty pleasures - gummi candy and cola! They don't have a liquid center like Nik-L-Nips, but they do mimic classic cola flavor, which is a really fun surprise. These are pretty big as gummies go (about 4" long), so it's easy to recognize the cola bottle shape, making them a fun addition for candy buffets and 50s themed parties.

Gummy PizzaGummi Pizza - You can finally order a pizza without arguing about toppings! This gummi replica masterpiece is the size of an 8" pie, so you can really slice it up and serve it. And it even comes in a cardboard pizza box! Don't worry though, the flavor would be better described as "fruity" than "marinara." The only thing I don't like about this candy is that I can't get it delivered to my house in 30 minutes or less. Considering its looks, flavor, size and packaging, I had to put this 'za at the top of my list. One taste and you'll be singing "That's Amore!"

I hope you got a kick out of this list, and I hope you'll try a couple of these fun and funky candy clones. If you dig 'em, remember, this is only a small selection of the "candies that look like other foods" available at and in our stores. Have a look around or type your favorite food (candy or not!) into the search bar. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you find!

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