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Candy for Dudes

January 30, 2018

There seems to be an old-fashioned, idealized notion that candy is the perfect gift for a man to give a woman. You know the image: a finely dressed fellow with a heart-shaped box of assorted chocolates displayed in one hand, a dozen red roses hidden behind his back. But there's no law saying that's how it has to be! We know lots of guys who would love to find some sweets in their Valentine's gift or Christmas stocking. And it's not just about romance, either. Candy is the perfect birthday surprise for the dad, brother, cousin or uncle who's remarkably hard to shop for. Just stay away from those heart-shaped boxes.

As we've curated some of our best products for guys, we found that they tend to fall into three main categories: novelty, macho and gourmet. Take a look. We're sure they'll help you pick out something great for your favorite fellas!

Gummy Pizza at All City CandySome guys are just plain weird. For those dudes, we'd recommend something like a gummy pickle or pizza, or Trolli Sour Bright Weird Beards. Don't waste your time trying to figure out why they find these things amusing, just know that they do.

Star Wars Episode 8 Talkers at All City CandySome guys have "normal" interests that they take to extremes. For example: That guy who was first in line on opening night for the last three Star Wars movies? He'd probably like a Star Wars Episode 8 Candy Talker. The guy who knows the ERA of everyone who's ever pitched for the Philadelphia Phillies ever? He'd get a kick out of these foil-wrapped chocolate baseballs at his birthday party. Does your dad have enough tools in the garage to start his own hardware store? We bet he doesn't have any of these chocolate tools in his collection. (By the way, dads also go nuts for our Fishing-themed Father's Day Gift Box.)

Jelly Belly Draft Beer Jelly Beans at All City CandyAlmost all guys like beer. Jelly Belly Draft Beer Flavored Jelly Beans. Shopping DONE.

Chocolate Dipped Insects at All City CandyMen love to treat eating like a sport (again, don't bother trying to figure it out). For the amateur Joey Chestnut in your life try a few of these extreme snacks: If gross-out challenges are the name of the game, try Hotlix Chocolate-dipped Insects or Scorpion Suckers or Jelly Belly BeanBoozled, a game that dares you to eat a mystery jelly bean that might be delicious and might taste like actual garbage.

Hotlix Chili Pepper Suckers at All City CandyChili heads will get a kick out of Hotlix Chili Lix suckers, lollipops made with real chili peppers. Three blistering varieties: Red Chili, Jalapeno, and Habanero.

If he's a Man vs. Food fanatic, you might be able to satisfy his massive appetite with this 1 pound package of Giant Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Challenge him to eat them both in one sitting if you wish, but that's probably a terrible idea.

And for the guy who thinks he's really tough, but isn't quite up to those other challenges? There's always the funky, fizzy fun of Pop Rocks!

Pop Rocks at All City Candy

Milk Chocolate Caramel Corn at All City CandyFinally, we know that not all men are weird, voracious eaters or pop culture maniacs. There are plenty of gentlemen out there with very refined palates, and we have a plethora of delicious gifts for them, as well. Milk Chocolate-covered Caramel Corn is a great option that treads the line between "everyday munchies" and "gourmet snacks," while Milk Chocolate Amaretto Pecans jump straight into "fancy" territory. There's Chocolate Dipped Twinkie at All City Candyalso chocolate-covered Pop Tarts and Twinkie Pops and, for the guy who wants to try it all, our Chocolate of the Month Club!

And you thought men were hard to shop for!

Bookmark this page and rest assured that when Father's Day, a birthday, or Christmas comes around you won't be scrambling for another random electronic gadget or paisley tie. Just make your way to All City Candy and find the perfect gift for any man and any occasion!

Guys, did we leave out any of your go-to snacks? Is there a candy surprise that would make your day? Tell us about your favorites below! 

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