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Candy A to Z: Valomilk Candy Cups

June 14, 2018 1 Comment

We loved Valomilk Candy Cups before we started this story. But after checking out their website, reading up on their history and, of course, sampling a couple, we have truly become superfans.

The Sifers Candy Company officially began in 1903 and had many successful products in their early years, including penny candy and some early candy bars. Their big break came in 1931, when an incorrectly prepared batch of marshmallows didn't solidify as expected. Harry Sifers found that even though the marshmallow was a little runny, it still tasted good. He took a gamble and put some of it into chocolate cups, offering them to his customers for a nickel. They were a hit!

Eventually, Valomilks became so popular that the company phased out its other products to keep up with demand for their ooey-gooey marshmallow and chocolate masterpieces. Sifers continued to flourish until the 1970s, when an unfortunate merger didn't go as well as planned. By 1981, the factory shut down.

Valomilk Candy CupsBut fear not! We wouldn't tease you with the story of an unattainable candy from the past! The coolest part of the story is that Russell Sifers, great-grandson of Samuel Mitchell Sifers, the company's founder, was able to obtain most of his great-grandfather's candy making equipment and relaunched the beloved treats with the help of his wife and children in 1981.

Today Valomilks are still made the old-fashioned way and are the only candy Sifers produces. In a world of ginormous multi-brand conglomerates, we have a ton of respect for a company that has stood the test of time with one amazing product and we'll keep buying (and eating) Valomilk as long as they keep turning them out!

Jimmy Sweet Tooth says: Fantastic! I love the old fashioned charm, I love the family-business aspect of their story, I really love the product. The chocolate is delicious--easily on par with any of the major brands. And the filling is so unique. It tastes a little like marshmallow, a little like a traditional buttercream filling or frosting, and it's wonderfully sweet. I have no trouble seeing why these are as popular as they are. They're spectacular. It sometimes surprises me that you can't find a product like this right alongside the Snickers and Reese's products on every candy rack in the country. They could definitely hold their own.

Major components: Chocolate, flowing marshmallow center

Primary texture: Gooey, with a little crunch from the chocolate

Flavor profile: Sweet, Chocolaty, Rich, Marshmallowy

Manufacturer: Sifers

Year Introduced: 1931

Flavors available: Only the original!

Recommended if you like: Hostess Cupcakes, Cadbury Creme Eggs, Mallow Cups, S'mores, Chocolate covered marshmallows 

Brand Brothers and Sisters: None. Sifers Candy Company focuses solely on producing Valomilk cups.

Suggested uses: Eat it straight from the wrapper! Valomilk is also a great nostalgic candy, perfect for anniversaries, retirement gifts or birthday parties for young and old alike. Sandwich a cup between two graham crackers for a s'more that's even messier than the original. We bet they'd be awesome mixed into ice cream or milkshakes, too!

Had you heard of Valomilk before you read this post? Were you introduced to them by your parents or grandparents? If they're new to you, try them out and let us know what you think!

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1 Response

Joe Cochran
Joe Cochran

January 04, 2024

I have been eating valomilk since I was probably about 5 years old. I still eat them and I am 71 years old. They are fantastic as they are, but for the last 20 years or so I have fantasized about how good they were taste with a semi sweet chocolate shell! I’ll bet they would be out of this world! Is there any chance that could ever happen?

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