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Candy A to Z: Unicorn Lollipops

May 30, 2018

Since all of us here are kids at heart, we're wild about everything mythical and magical. From Disney Princesses, to Star Wars heroes and villains, to Hello Kitty, we're crazy about the fun places and characters our imaginations can dream up! And one of our favorite subjects for magical imaginings is the unicorn.

We are absolutely enchanted by these graceful and beautiful mythical beasts, and some of our candy crew members have even had the good fortune to encounter a couple unicorns and share some traces of their magic.

Unicorn PopsNow, not everyone has the good fortune to bump into a unicorn on their way home from school, but anybody can enjoy some enchanted moments by unwrapping a Unicorn Pop! These distinctive confections are available in an impressive selection of sizes, and they all share a colorful twisted shape that looks just like a unicorn horn.

Rainbow Unicorn Pops at All City CandyJimmy Sweet Tooth says: Unicorn lollipops are awesome because they put a new twist on a classic candy--literally! I mean, the hard-candy sucker has been around forever, but unicorn pops sort of give you a reason to check them out again. Plus, they have a little bit more of a fancy, gourmet feel to them. You could almost imagine someone twisting them by hand...even though that's probably not quite how it goes!

Major components: Hard candy

Primary texture: Hard

Flavor profile: Sweet, fruity

Manufacturer: Adams & Brooks

Recommended if you like: Lollipops, classic candies, rainbows, magic

Brand Brothers and Sisters: Whirly Pops

Suggested uses: With a little imagination, these can be a showstopper on any candy buffet. Display them in a tall jar, or arrange them like bouquets. You can even stick them into a styrofoam ball to create a wild looking shooting star/alien/sea urchin type centerpiece! When displayed at different heights, they turn into a delicious candy skyline of sorts. The unique shapes, sizes, and colors mean the possibilities are almost endless. Unicorn Pops also make great magic wands or light sabers in treat bags for birthday party guests.

Were Unicorn Pops a big hit at your latest party? What creative ways did you find to display them? Have you ever seen a real unicorn? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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