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Candy A to Z: Raisinets

April 19, 2018

Raisins are basically the perfect snack food. No special storage needs, no prep time, just grab 'em and go! They're also mighty versatile: you can eat them alone, or use them to jazz up your trail mix, cinnamon bread, oatmeal cookies or a whole host of other yummy eats. It shouldn't surprise you that our favorite way to enjoy these little wonders is in the form of Raisinets. There's nothing too fancy about them, just a tasty little California raisin with a delightful coating of Nestle chocolate. The flavor, though, is out of this world. Along with their nutty cousins, Goobers, Raisinets remind us that you don't have to throw a zillion ingredients together to make a scrumptious candy. Sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go!  

Raisinets at All City CandyJimmy Sweet Tooth says: Time for another Jimmy Sweet Tooth confession: I am an incurable Goobers fan, and they will always be my #1 chocolate-covered anything. That said, Raisinets are almost as good in my book. They hit you with a delectable wave of chocolate that mellows down into the fruity and even earthy flavors of the raisins inside, all while you enjoy their soft chew. That's quite the flavor profile for a movie theater snack! Plus, the fact that there are raisins involved lets me tell myself that they're basically health food...right?

P.S. Somebody please bake these into oatmeal cookies, stat!

Major components: California raisins, chocolate (milk chocolate and dark chocolate varieties available)

Primary texture: Chewy

Flavor profile: Sweet, fruity, chocolaty 

Manufacturer: Nestle

Year Introduced: 1927

Flavors available: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Raisinets Snack Mix

Recommended if you like: Raisins, Chunky, Goobers

Brand Brothers and Sisters: Pixy Stix, Goobers, Sno-Caps, Runts, Butterfinger, Spree, Laffy Taffy

Suggested uses: Use Raisinets to give your trail mix a flavor boost and try substituting them anywhere you would normally use plain ol' raisins for a chocolaty surprise. Raisinets are a favorite theater snack, so make sure to have some on hand when you're hosting a movie night or an Oscars watch party. We've even seen a suggestion to mix them with your popcorn to create a totally new movie munch!

What do you think of Raisinets? Is it possible to watch a movie without them? Perhaps you're a bigger fan of their close relative, Goobers. Ever mix the two together? Share your chocolate-covered comments below!

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