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Don't Forget About the Rainbow for St. Patrick's Day!

March 04, 2020

Don't forget the Rainbow for St. Patrick's Day

It’s March and St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. Most candy lovers will be racing to grab green candy, like gummi bears or M&M’s, or perhaps some gold-wrapped chocolate coins. But what about the Rainbow?

Beyond its association in some Irish lore for being where Leprechauns keep their pot of gold, the Rainbow acts as a symbol of hope in many pieces of Irish culture; as rainbows do not have an “end,” it can be seen as an image of enduring optimism.

Add a Rainbow of Color to Your Celebrations

For the candy lover, the rainbow can represent infinite opportunities for sweet treats! With that, All City Candy has plenty of ways to add the whole spectrum of color to your celebrations.

Twizzlers Rainbow Candy Straws at All City CandyWe recently showed how Rainbow Twizzlers can be used for DIY perler-bead projects, but these licorice twists, with 6 great flavors, are great additions to any candy celebration. Or what about Rainbow Sour Belts? These pucker-worthy treats are great either on their own or as a rainbow topping to brownies, cupcakes, or any St. Paddy’s pastries! That’s to say nothing for other sour, sweet, and tangy candy, like SweetTARTS Ropes, Nerds Ropes, and more!

Fort Knox Rainbow Foiled Chocolate Coins | All City CandyOne of the most classic St. Patrick’s Day candies might be gold chocolate coins, which have delicious milk chocolate wrapped up looking like farthings or threepences; but All City Candy has a full breadth of colors for your coins, letting even chocolate lovers get in on the colorful fun!

Jelly Belly Jelly BeansHave a jelly bean lover? Jelly Belly has the full breadth of colors at its disposal, with plenty of shades and clever flavors to fill any rainbow-tinged candy dish. Plus, beyond its many hues, in an appropriate turn for the holiday, you can even try their Draft Beer flavor!

What’s your favorite candy for St. Patrick’s Day? Do you have any clever sweet recipes for the holiday? And what symbol for St. Patrick’s do you enjoy the most? We’d love to see your answers and creations; share them with us on social media:

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