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Learning with Candy - Cool kids educational activities with candy

September 02, 2020


Sweeten up those lesson plans with some fun candy activities! Your little learners will love practicing their math skills with M&Ms, or using their favorite candy bars for a science challenge! These candy learning activities are great for preschool and elementary aged children.

Sorting and charting with candy 

Use your favorite bag of multicolored candy to make math more fun! This simple activity will allow young children to practice counting and sorting while older kids can practice probability.  



-A bag or box of candy such as Sweet Tarts, Skittles, or M&M's 

-Pen or pencil  

-Download and print our counting worksheet here and our probability worksheet here.



Sort your candy on the graph by color and then fill in your findings on the tally chart. When you’re done answering the questions on your worksheet, enjoy your candy! 


Candy Bar Sink or Float

Use your leftover Halloween candy to teach your little scientist about the concept of density with our candy bar sink or float challenge. Children will observe that candy filled with nuts or caramel are more dense and will sink because they are heavy. Candy filled with nougat, marshmallow or wafers have air pockets which will allow them to float. 



-2 cups of water in a bowl 

-Assorted regular or fun sized candy bars: Make sure to get at least two candy bars that have nougat or wafers (so they float) 

-Knife and cutting board 

-Something to write with 

-Download and print our observation worksheet here



-Unwrap candy bars and observe the outside. 

-Cut candy bars in half to observe the inside. 

-Make a prediction on whether your candy bar will sink or float based on what you see inside. 

-Put candy bars in water, one at a time

-Record your findings 



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