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Jimmy's Road Trip

May 25, 2017

Jimmy's Road Trip - What Candy to Take Along

Memorial Day Weekend is here, and with it, the unofficial start of Summer! We're super-excited to dive into the pool, fire up the grill, and catch a ballgame, but what we're most looking forward to is Summer vacation!

Like millions of other Americans, many of us here at All City Candy are planning a getaway or two in the coming months, and while the destinations and activities vary, one thing is certain: we're all going to be spending a lot of time in the car.

The road trip is a time-honored tradition that's as much a part of classic Americana as Fourth of July Fireworks, hamburgers and hot dogs, and fresh-sliced watermelon. It's also a great reason to stock up on your favorite candy (reason #276 on our list, if you were wondering). Having something sweet to snack on just seems to make those miles go by a little faster. With that in mind, we've decided to offer a two-part feature dedicated to candy and road trips. Up first is a look at some of our readers' favorite road trip candies and a few of our own:


Broadway Laces Strawberry LicoriceEver since I saw Wayne's World as a kid, I've dreamed about having a car with a built in licorice dispenser, just like the "Mirth Mobile." I'm not sure if this is what inspired our Facebook followers, but a couple of them also cited licorice (red and black) as a favorite car snack. As with most of our candies, we stock a huge variety of sizes, shapes, and flavors. Look for a familiar favorite or surprise yourself with something new!

Reader Recommended: Strawberry Broadway Laces 

Other favorites: Gimbal's Scottie Dogs All-Natural Licorice, Super Ropes, Wiley Wallaby Australian Style Red Liquorice

Salt Water Taffy

Salt Water TaffyPerhaps the best candy for your return trip, since it's available in most souvenir shops and is a staple at beachside destinations, this shoreline classic is delicious and comes in a wide variety of flavors to please everyone you can fit in your minivan.

We stock too many great flavors to name just a few. Check out all your options here!

Werther's Original

Werther's Original Caramel Hard CandiesA quick plug for Jimmy Sweet Tooth's childhood favorite! These buttery, caramel-flavored hard candies will quickly become one of your favorites, too!

Jimmy Recommends: Werther's Original Hard Candies 

Other favorites: Werther's Original Caramel Apple Filled, Werther's Original Sugar Free Chewy Caramels 

Gum and Mints

Gum and Mints at All City CandySitting in a packed, hot car for hours on end isn't always a great experience and can even leave you feeling run-down and cranky. For this reason, all moms (and quite a few dads) know to pack some chewing gum and peppermint, spearmint, or wintergreen candy for every road trip. Keeping your mouth fresh and cool can be a welcome relief when you're starting to feel like a sardine. And speaking of sardines...

Swedish Fish

Swedish FishWith a flavor and texture that fall somewhere between licorice and gummi bears, Swedish fish are the perfect way to make sure your road trip goes swimmingly!

Reader Recommended: Swedish Fish

For extra long trips or big families: Swedish Fish Mini 5-Pound Bulk Bag


Nips Chocolate Parfait Hard CandiesChocolate and hot cars don't mix. That's a fact. But chocoholics can satisfy their long-haul cravings with these creamy hard candies that contain a chewy chocolate-flavored center. It's a way better option than trying to squeeze a melted Hershey's bar out of the wrapper like toothpaste, trust us!

Jimmy's mom's favorite: Nips Chocolate Parfait Hard Candy

Other Varieties: Nips Caramel Hard Candy, Nips Coffee Hard Candy  

Gummi Anything

Gummi Candy at All City CandyBears, worms, spiders (?!?) -- if you can imagine it, you can probably buy a gummi version of it. Add in the benefit of being able to choose sweet or sour, and a huge variety of flavors, and gummi candies will quickly become your go-to road trip snack.

Random picks: Albanese Peach Gummi RingsTrolli Soda PoppersAlbanese 12 Flavor Gummi Bears

Is your mouth watering? Ready to hit the road? Shop around and then place your order, because next week we're going to highlight some awesome attractions that anyone with a sweet tooth will love to visit.

Until then, share your favorite road trip snacks with us in the comments below!


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