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Candy you might NOT want to eat???

August 07, 2017

Here at All City Candy, we pride ourselves on offering candy of all kinds. Most of the time that's a very, very good thing. Whether you like your treats chewy or crunchy, sweet or sour, our aisles are stacked floor-to-ceiling with something for everyone.

Among all that variety, though, you'll find a few products that might only appeal to a very narrow audience. In fact, many of you will find a few of our offerings downright repulsive (You may be thinking, "Repulsive candy? Is there such a thing?" Keep reading!). We have no problem with that. We even advertise some products as "gross out" candies!

So why sell something that might make your stomach turn? Because some people like to live on the wild side. Because teenagers will eat weird things to impress their friends. Because you need something really unusual for the candy buffet at your Halloween party. And, most of all, because we want to be the best candy store on the planet, and that means sampling and selling it in all forms!

Have a look at our top ten gross out candies and see which ones you're brave enough to sample!

12 Flavor Gummi Bears at AllCityCandy.com10. Gummi Worms - We're starting out kind of easy. Gummi worms are gross in theory, but have gained  enough popularity that there's not too much of a "yuck" factor anymore. All City Candy stocks a variety of brands and flavors in various sizes, and both sweet and sour varieties. They're perfect for enjoying on their own or for garnishing a dirt cake. Try Haribo Wummies, Albanese Large Wild Fruit Assorted Gummi Worms, or Natural Sour Gummi Worms (Non-GMO)

9. Chocolate Double Crisp Googly Eyes - There's nothing better than a candy buffet that enhances the theme of your event, so make this year's Halloween party a real scream by offering up a bowl of chocolaty eyeballs for your guests to nibble on until the main corpse course is served! (Again, this one is more "creepy" than flat out "gross." Don't worry, we're working up to the weird ones! Read on!) 

8. Jelly Belly Pet Tarantula - Here's where the gummies start to go off the deep end. Worms? Not so bad. Tarantula? That's a little out there. This big, hairy-looking, gummi spider probably seems like an odd choice to many of you, but as a former ten-year-old, I can pretty much guarantee your nephew is going to love it. Plus, it's made by Jelly Belly, so you know it's going to be delicious!

7. Toxic Waste Sour Smog Balls - From the makers of Toxic Waste, a candy that wasn't quite gross enough to make the list, come these brightly colored little morsels with a crunchy shell and a chewy center. I haven't been brave enough to sample them yet, but I have to imagine that any company that names its candy for hazardous pollutants is pretty serious about bringing the sour flavor!

Jelly Belly BeanBoozled at AllCityCandy.com6. Jelly Belly BeanBoozled - If we were ordering this list based on how fun the candies are to eat, Jelly Belly BeanBoozled would easily take the top spot. This delightfully diabolical game features two kinds of candy: a set of delicious "normal" jelly bean flavors and a set of disgusting flavors, reproduced with a nauseating authenticity that only Jelly Belly could master. The trouble is, they're all mixed together and there's only one way to find out which is which. Flick the spinner and choose your jelly bean carefully! Then, you and your friends each eat a bean that matches the picture. Will you get Buttered Popcorn or Rotten Egg? Canned Dog Food or Chocolate Pudding? Toothpaste or Berry Blue? Be prepared to laugh at your friends' reactions and be prepared for a few nasty surprises of your own! This is the perfect candy for birthday parties, Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, and family gatherings. It's as much fun for adults as it is for kids!

5. Hotlix Chili Lix - Not exactly "gross" but definitely not for the faint of heart, these spicy suckers are made with real peppers! We're not talking about the pleasant cinnamon spice of Red Hots, here. Hotlix Chili Lix suckers are infused with Jalapeno, Red Chili, and even Habanero pepper. Order a few as stocking stuffers for your favorite chili head or challenge a friend to see if either of you can finish one.

4. Ant-Lix Suckers - We're not lying when we tell you that there are supposed to be ants in these suckers. That's right, ants. These little guys are actually enjoyed as food in many parts of the world, so it was inevitable that someone would eventually decide to put them into candy. We're just not entirely sure why. Nonetheless, the lollipops are quite tasty and they come in blueberry and banana flavors. Just try not to think about that "special" ingredient.

*Note: If you have a shellfish allergy, we recommend consulting with your doctor before consuming any product containing insects.

Larvets Cheddar Cheese Snax at AllCityCandy.com3. Larvets Worm Snax - Ants don't phase you, eh? Well, then you may want to try a handful of Larvets, a deliciously seasoned snack made of insect larva, AKA mealworms. We know what you're thinking. We are serious, and quit calling us Shirley! These unusual treats are real mealworms and are really available at AllCityCandy.com and in our store. They're available in Cheddar Cheese, BBQ, and Mexican Spice flavors. Once again, insect cuisine is popular in a lot of places and is said to be very nutritious and much more sustainable than eating products like beef or pork. So be brave! Give Larvets a try and be on the cutting edge of our food future!

*Note: If you have a shellfish allergy, we recommend consulting with your doctor before consuming any product containing insects.

2. Hotlix Chocolate Dipped Insects - Could we persuade you to try some bugs if they were chocolate-covered? Everything's better when it's dipped in chocolate! This tasty, but unusual treat consists of both larva (mealworms) and crickets with coatings of white chocolate and milk chocolate. We know they're probably not the reason you decided to shop with us, but you never know, you might love 'em! And don't worry, we don't make these in-house, so there's no chance they'll end up in your Chocolate-Dipped order!

*Note: If you have a shellfish allergy, we recommend consulting with your doctor before consuming any product containing insects.

1. Hotlix Scorpion Suckers - Our number one "gross-out" candy is a snack so unusual, even Jimmy Sweet Tooth won't touch it--but that doesn't mean it's not popular! Hotlix Scorpion Suckers are lollipops with real scorpions (stingers removed, of course) inside them! Yes, you've gotta be brave to try these, but a lot of people have been up to the challenge. As of this writing, two of our four flavors are sold out! Doesn't that make you just a little bit curious about what you could be missing out on? If you haven't quite worked up the nerve for it yet, they make a truly unusual gift, and we can't think of anything creepier to serve at your Halloween party! Available in Apple, Banana, Blueberry and Strawberry.

*Note: If you have a shellfish allergy, we recommend consulting with your doctor before consuming any product containing insects.

We told you there were going to be some doozies on this list! Were you tempted to try any of these really out-there products? Did you try any of them and find out you actually liked them? Let us know in the comments below or share your story (briefly) on Twitter!

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