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Hands off 'til Halloween!

October 06, 2017

If you're like us, you probably picked up bags and bags of Halloween candy the first time you saw it on store shelves way back in August. Nothing wrong with that; you've got to be prepared! The trouble comes, however, when you see that great, big bag of delicious treats just sitting there...waiting. It wouldn't hurt to have just one piece, right?

Next thing you know, it's not even October yet and you're ankle deep in fun-size Nestle Crunch wrappers. No judgement, it's happened to the best of us. We know that Halloween candy season can be a tempting time, but you've got to be patient, if for no other reason than to ensure your house isn't the one getting egged on Halloween night.

Here are the best ways we could come up with to keep your hands off of the trick-or-treat candy until Halloween. Are they a bit extreme? You be the judge. Will they work? Definitely.

10. Keep your candy near the laundry room. If your spouse senses that you are within 10 feet of the washer or dryer, they will ask you to throw a load of clothes in while you're there (and that means coming back in an hour to fold it all). You're trapped. It's not worth it.

9. Ship your candy to a relative at least a time zone away. Note that this will prevent you from eating all the candy before Halloween, but it won't necessarily stop them.

8. Contact SpaceX and request that they place your candy in near-Earth orbit until the appointed time. Note that you'll need to package your candy in such a way that it will survive the extreme temperatures of re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere. (Now you know why we ship our heat-sensitive candy with cold packs!)

7. Set up Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom style booby traps throughout your house to prevent you from reaching the sweets (mounting your candy on a stone pedestal with a single beam of light illuminating it is optional, but a nice touch). Note that this strategy is best for single people living alone, as children and pets may be frightened by these mechanisms.

6. Point a webcam at the location of the candy. Recruit your Facebook friends to take turns watching the feed so that the camera is monitored 24/7. Give these friends permission to post embarrassing photos of you if they catch you sneaking a snack.

5. Obtain a koala. You will now spend the next month cuddling with the koala and candy will be the furthest thing from your mind.

4. Obtain a grizzly bear. You will now be terrified, or dead, and candy will be the furthest thing from your mind.

3. Build a 35-story tower in your backyard. Do not install an elevator. Keep all of your Halloween candy in a locked room at the very top. Keep the key to that room on the 17th floor. When cravings strike you may muster the energy to walk all the way up to the top, but when you arrive you'll realize that you forgot to pick up the key. The thought of walking all the way down and then back up will be too much to bear and you'll opt to camp out on the 35th floor for the night. In the morning you can have a doughnut instead.

2. Invent a time machine. Now Halloween comes when you say it does.

All City Candy1. Don't worry about it! If your treats don't make it to Halloween, All City Candy can help you restock, even on short notice. In fact, we now have two Cleveland area locations and a fabulous always-open online store! Isn't that sweet?

Are you already into the Halloween candy? Do you often have to restock before October 31st? Tell us how you deal with the "Halloween hungries" below!

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