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All City Candy is Sweet on the Community and the Environment

April 21, 2019

All City Candy's Corporate & Social Responsibility Report for Earth Day 2019

The 49th annual Earth Day is being observed on Monday, April 22, 2019, and All City Candy is celebrating the day by sharing a recap of our commitment to corporate and social responsibility.

“We’re proud of our efforts as they relate to social and civic responsibility, and we want the community to be aware of our commitment to them, and to the planet,” says Elisabeth Sapell, founder and CEO of All City Candy.

Here's a summary of All City Candy’s efforts and activities:

Reusable Bulk Bin Scoops

Reusable bulk scoopsAll City Candy offers more than 800 varieties of bulk candy, presented in bins so customers can select and scoop out their favorites. To ensure sanitary conditions, every customer is provided their own scoop to use when filling up their bulk bags. Between both locations, customers use approximately 300-400 scoops a week.

“We consciously made the decision to buy a better-quality plastic scoop so they can be washed, sanitized and re-used in store,” says Sapell. “Making this effort not only allows us to employ students from the Monarch Center for Autism in University Heights, OH, and the Mentor CARES program of the Mentor Public Schools, but it also helps to divert approximately 936 pounds of plastic waste from the landfill annually.”

Sustainable Packaging

All City Candy ships candy orders worldwide through our ecommerce store, AllCityCandy.com, and our sustainability efforts also extend to our internet customers.

“We strive to use the right sized packaging and packing materials to ensure items fit securely in the box and are packaged well for transport,” says Sapell. “We want our online customers to receive their orders in perfect condition.”

sustainable packagingAll City Candy uses boxes from the United States Postal Service that are made from post-consumer recycled cardboard, are registered with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and are Cradle to Cradle certified. We also source boxes locally from S&S Packaging, another Cleveland, OH, business. S&S Packaging’s boxes are made in America and manufactured less than 150 miles from Cleveland. The boxes contain a minimum of 25% recycled content, and the manufacturer sources raw materials from FSC certified forests.

Candy for Kids at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital

All City Candy’s mission is to “provide a place of happiness where we create fond memories and inspire people to be creative, to be kind, and to be giving.” Nothing embodies this more than our Candy for Kids program, which occurs twice a year in partnership with University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital.

“For the past four years, we’ve facilitated a candy donation program where customers can purchase candy that our staff then packs into Spring Baskets or Santa Sacks. We deliver the candy to the children at Rainbow who are unable to go home for the holidays,” says Sapell. “Thanks to the generosity of our customers and staff, we delivered 175 Santa Sacks last winter and we just delivered 250 Spring Baskets this week, bringing a bit of happiness into the children's hospital rooms.”

 Candy-filled baskets pack the All City "Candymobile" Candy-filled baskets for young patients at UH Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital

Candy with a Mission

Occasionally in the All City Candy stores, there’s a lollipop that is broken, chewy candies that stick together, or a bag that popped open during shipping. While the candy is still safe and edible, it cannot be sold. Instead of discarding the approximately 180 pounds of candy and creating more waste, we donate the unsaleable candy to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, which ministers to the homeless of Cleveland, providing comfort, food, and -- thanks to All City Candy -- a sweet treat to those in need.

Giving Back to the Community

“Community makes us what we are and drives our mission at All City Candy,” says Sapell. “So we enjoy giving back to those in our community who help our store prosper.”

Candy basket and gift card donations for community eventsIn 2018, All City Candy donated more than $7,700 in gift cards, gift baskets, and sponsorships to northeast Ohio charities and organizations that used the donations for silent auctions, raffles, and prizes to help raise money for a wide range of causes.

“We thank all those in the community who invest in us so we can invest in others doing great work in our region,” says Sapell.

Monarch School and Mentor CARES Program Partnerships

Taking care of each other and never, ever giving up are two of All City Candy’s core values. These principles are evident in our partnerships with the Monarch Center for Autism and Mentor CARES, programs that cater to children and young adults with neurological differences.

“We wanted to create opportunities for learning and success for students of these programs, so they can gain experience working at a store, interacting with new environments, and teach them to never, ever give up,” says Sapell. “We love having the students come in to help us with jobs in the store. Watching them discover that they can accomplish a task adds a bright spot to our day.”

Carbon-Off Set

“All City Candy is dedicated to the preservation of all sweet-treat-loving generations, and we want to do our part to help reduce our carbon footprint so up-and-coming candy fans inherit a healthy planet,” says Sapell.

All City Candy participates in the Arbor Day Foundation's Carbon Emissions Offset Program, which is dedicated to reforesting state and national parks across the USA with beautiful, carbon sequestering trees. Our $500 donation to the program helped offset 20% of our Richmond Heights and Mentor stores' scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions that were produced in 2018. This is the equivalent to 800 tree seedlings being planted and maintained for 10 years in a protected forest, helping to make the future a bit sweeter.

LED Lighting Change Out - Richmond Heights

To reduce our carbon footprint, the lighting at our Richmond Heights location is being adapted to use more energy efficient LED light bulbs.

"This brighter, higher quality lighting will not only improve the customer experience in the store, but we will also be reducing our energy usage by approximately 6,800 kWh per year,” says Sapell.

The reduction on energy usage will save nearly 4.8 metric tons of carbon from being released into the atmosphere for the 10-year lifespan of the lights.

Reusable Bags

All City Candy Reusable BagWe are proud to call Cleveland home. Part of Cleveland's identity is its proximity to Lake Erie, one of the largest bodies of fresh water on the planet. More than 5.5 million pounds of plastics pollute Lake Erie and its shores every year, and All City Candy is doing our part to help combat the plastic pollution coming from the city.

“You may hear us ask if you need a bag for your items, or we may put your candy purchases in a box for you to carry out,” says Sapell. “We are now also offering reusable All City Candy bags for sale at both store locations. Not only can you buy a colorful, fun bag to tote around your treats, you can help save the planet!”


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