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Candy A to Z: Oh Henry!

March 08, 2018

Mysteries abound with this candy bar, as we discovered when we were researching its origins. For instance, Wikipedia gives the date of its introduction as 1909, while Nestle's site says it arrived on scene in 1920 (We're guessing it may have been invented in 1909, and that 1920 may be the date of its first mass production.). Then, of course, is the mystery of who exactly Henry is. According to Nestle, the name came from a candy shop owner who was amused by the plight of one of his young patrons. The boy, whose name was Henry, was constantly doing favors for the girls who worked in the store, responding over and over to their requests that usually began with "Oh, Henry, would you..." Apparently, "Oh Henry" became such a catch-phrase in the shop that it eventually found its way onto a candy bar! The final mystery associated with this chewy, fudgy, peanutty treat was part of an early advertising campaign. It's said that an employee of the first company to manufacture this candy bar began placing bumper stickers that read "Oh Henry!" on cars around town. The ensuing curiosity gave the bar a boost in sales.

1920s Oh Henry! Candy Bar Wrapper. Credit: CandyWrapperArchive.comWhether these stories are true or not isn't all that important. The really cool thing about them is that they add a little extra fun to a product that's been in production for nearly a century. And there's one thing that nobody is disputing: Oh Henry! is a scrumptious candy bar you'll want to eat again and again! 

Jimmy Sweet Tooth says: Man, I love Nestle chocolate. I always think "chocolate is chocolate," but Nestle really does it right. These bars are great, and I like that you get two little bars in a pack, so you can save one for later (Editor's note: "Later" was about 30 seconds. Nice try, Jimmy). The stuff they call "fudge" seems a lot like "nougat" to me. I'm not arguing. I'll eat it no matter what. Just letting you know.

Major components: Fudge, Caramel, Peanuts, Milk Chocolate

Primary texture: Chewy/Crunchy

Flavor profile: Sweet, Chocolaty, Nutty, Salty, Rich

Manufacturer: Nestle

Year Introduced: 1920

Flavors available: Just one--you don't mess with a classic!

Recommended if you like: Snickers, Baby Ruth, Goobers, Bun Bar, Nut Goodies

Brand Brothers and Sisters: 100 Grand, Butterfinger, Laffy Taffy, Nestle Crunch, Chunky, Spree, Nerds and more!

Suggested uses: Eat it straight from the wrapper, chop it up and mix it into ice cream or use it to garnish cakes or cookies. Oh Henry! is a great nostalgic candy that will be just as well loved by the youngest members of your family as it is by the oldest. You could probably give it to a guy named Henry, too. He might think that's funny.

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