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Candy A to Z: Gummy Pickle

November 16, 2017

It's no secret that we have a *soft* spot in our hearts for all things gummy, so it shouldn't be a surprise that our Candy A to Z feature for the letter "G" is a gummy product. What is surprising is that the item we've chosen isn't a bear, a worm, or even a butterfly. No, today our spotlight falls on this:

Gummy Pickle at AllCityCandy.comA Gummy Pickle. The shape alone would put this product in the running for most unique candy in our inventory, but what really makes this product such a big dill (pun very much intended) is that it's actually pickle-flavored. If you can find a more unique offering, we definitely would like to know about it.

The gummy pickle is a creation of Giant Gummy Bears (yes, that's the manufacturer's name), who are the creators of a treasure trove of weird and wonderful gummy products. While we are admirers of all of their truly unique candy, we think the Gummy Pickle really takes the cuke!


Jimmy Sweet Tooth says:

My mouth is having a hard time processing both the sweetness and the dill pickle flavors. It's almost like the flavor changes depending on which part of it you focus on. It definitely has a great chew. It's kind of interesting to bite into a gummy product this large. It's a way different experience than the average gummy bear! I'll admit, it doesn't make my top 10 list, but for the uniqueness of the product and the sheer "you gotta try this!" factor, I'd say it's a winner.  

Major components: Gummy!

Primary texture: Chewy

Flavor profile: Sweet, dill pickle flavor

Manufacturer: Giant Gummy Bears

Year Introduced: 2000's

Flavors available: Dill Pickle

Brand Brothers and Sisters: World's Largest Gummy BearGummy Burger, Gummy Hot Dog, Gummy Pizza, Gummy Gator on a Stick

Suggested uses: Anything. Literally anything. Who wouldn't get a kick out of a gummy pickle? The Gummy Pickle makes a hilarious and unique stocking stuffer candy, thank you gift, birthday present, graduation present, and an absolutely absurd addition to your candy buffet. With a product like this, the more unusual the occasion, the better!

How do you feel about dill pickle-flavored candy? Do you have a friend who would get a laugh out of a gummy gherkin? Tell us what you think is the best occasion to serve a Gummy Pickle below!

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