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Baseball's Back! Here's How We Snack!

April 10, 2017

Baseball's Back! Here's How We Snack!One of the most exciting things about springtime is the return of baseball! The pros are already back in action, and soon enough Little League, Tee Ball, and pick-up games will be happening on dusty fields across the country.

There are a lot of reasons to love our national pastime: the camaraderie, the fresh air and exercise, and the thrill of competition, to name a few. Our favorite, of course, is the opportunity to spend an afternoon cheering on our home team while chowing down on just about anything we please without judgement. (Hey, at least we're honest about it!)

Peanuts and Cracker Jack get the spotlight in 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game,' but they're by no means the only options. Check out this list of our favorite candy for baseball season. We're pretty sure you'll find some old favorites and some surprising new ones!


Candy Coated PopcornThe Windup: First up is a ballpark staple with an All City Candy twist. We're thrilled to introduce American Classic Snack Company's great lineup of candy coated popcorn! Choose from eight super-scrumptious flavors, including a few that you've probably never experienced before. Best of all, they're the Deal of the Week! Stock up now, because this bargain won't last!

The Pitch: American Classic Candy Company Popcorn


Baseball Gumballs
The Windup: It shouldn't come as a surprise that a lot of our baseball-themed candy is bubble gum. After all, blowing bubbles while waiting for your turn at bat is practically a part of the game. Make sure your dugout is stocked with one of these favorites to keep your team happy all season long! (Also good for candy buffets and office candy jars!)

The Pitch: Dubble Bubble Home Run Baseball Gum, Baseball 1" Gumballs, Baseball Bubble Gum


PEZ dispenser Cincinnati RedsThe Windup: There's a Pez dispenser for pretty much anything you're passionate about in life, and baseball is no exception! We typically root for Cleveland all summer long (and frequently, well into the fall!) but these nifty Pez dispensers celebrating the Cincinnati Reds are just fine by us as well!

The Pitch: PEZ MLB Cincinnati Reds Candy Dispenser

 Circus Peanuts

Circus PeanutsThe Windup: Here's another All City Candy take on a ballpark classic! If you're not keen on working all afternoon for a handful of nuts and a shoe full of shells, grab a bag of Circus Peanuts for a totally different take on this traditional snack. It's a sweet changeup that everybody will want to swing at!

The Pitch: Marshmallow Circus Peanuts Candy, Candy Corn Flavored Marshmallow Circus Peanuts Candy 

Baseball Bats

The Windup: These products would technically fit in the "Gumballs" category, but they're so unique, they deserve their own mention! When you really want to make an impression at your baseball-themed party or you want to make your favorite little slugger's day, check out one of these gumball-filled baseball bats. They're the only bats in the world that guarantee you won't strike out!

Dubble Bubble Home Run Bubble Gum Bat

The Pitch: Dubble Bubble Big Slugger Baseball Bat With Gumballs, Dubble Bubble Home Run Bubble Gum Bat

Sunflower Seeds

Chocolate and Candy Coated Sunflower Seeds BulkThe Windup: Another dugout classic! All City Candy gives you the opportunity to enjoy this baseball mainstay in either the traditional "salted and roasted" form OR a delectably sweet chocolate and candy coated option. Try both! You just might find a new favorite!

The Pitch: Bigs Original Salted & Roasted Sunflower Seed Slammer, Sunbursts Candy Coated Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds - 3 LB Bulk Bag

Big League Chew

The Windup: We told you there would be a lot of bubble gum! Though your parents may have discouraged your use of this particular brand due to its resemblance to chewing tobacco, Big League Chew has remained popular throughout the years. The good news is that kids today probably only recognize it for its unique shoestring shape and mouthwatering flavor.

Big League Chew Bubble Gum

The Pitch: Big League Chew Outta Here Original Bubble Gum, Big League Chew Swingin' Sour Apple Bubble Gum, Big League Chew Curveball Cotton Candy BubblegumBig League Chew Groundball Grape Bubble GumBig League Chew Watermelon Bubble Gum

Gummy Hot Dog

Gummy Hot DogThe Windup:
We saved the best--or at least the most unique--for last! Yes, friends, you can now enjoy the beloved hot dog in gummy form. This almost life-size confection comes complete with "mustard" and "relish" and is sure to have everyone around you doing a double take. Two, please!

The Pitch: Giant Gummy Hot Dog 

There you have it! A whole season's worth of delicious candy treats ready to hit it out of the park, game after game. So before you head out to the ballpark this summer, head to, and if you're local, come see us in Richmond Heights, Ohio. We're the sweetest town around!

Tell us about your favorite ballpark food (candy or not!) in the comments section below!

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