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A Sweet Activity for Passover!

March 16, 2018

Candy store owners typically don't want the word "plague" associated with their business. It's, like, Marketing 101. So why on Earth are we plastering "the ten plagues" all over our website? Because, as anyone who is preparing for Passover knows, the ten plagues of Egypt are an important part of the story. And since we believe that all stories are best told with candy, we've assembled our Top Ten Plagues Bucket to add some fun to your Passover activities.

If you're not familiar with the story of Passover, here's a really simplified recap:

Pharaoh (bad guy) has enslaved the Israelites (good guys).

Not good. They're praying to be rescued.

God calls Moses (real-life superhero) and tells him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. So Moses visits Pharoah and it goes like this:

Moses: We're outta here.

Pharaoh: Um, no.

Moses: Srsly tho, we're going.

Pharaoh: Nuh-uh.

God, fights Pharaoh on behalf of the Israelites--His chosen people. He sends ten plagues to devastate the land of Egypt, each one more destructive than the last. Finally, when Pharaoh can take no more, he summons Moses and tells him that the Israelites are free to go (he actually plans to attack them as they leave, but God thwarts that scheme as well).

It's pretty horrific stuff if you read the scripture, but the moral of the story is that God never abandons His chosen people. Christians believe that the story of Passover prefigures their own celebration of Easter, so it is an important part of their Tradition as well.

Passover Top Ten Plagues Bucket at All City CandyOur Top Ten Plagues Bucket has a kid-friendly version of the Passover included inside, and the only-slightly-creepy candy will be a delight to all the youngsters at your celebration. We think it's a fun way to teach the youngest members of your family the meaning of this important holiday, and it's definitely one of our favorite Passover activities for kids!

P.S. The Top Ten Plagues bucket is also a great Passover gift for friends with young children and a fun surprise to bring along if you're celebrating with friends!

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