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Candy A to Z: Zotz Fizz Power Candy

August 08, 2018

Candy A to Z: Z is for Zotz Candy at AllCityCandy.com
Here at All City Candy, we get a big kick out of candy that does stuff. Pop Rocks have that trademark "sizzling" sensation. Painterz gumballs can dye your mouth a rainbow of different colors. And our featured products this week, Zotz Fizz Power Candy, have a pretty cool trick up their sleeve too. These extraordinary hard candies, available in seven different flavors, are packed with fizz power!

Zotz Fizz Power Candy in Bulk at AllCityCandy.comWhat exactly is fizz power, you ask? It's Zotz' (Zot'z? Zotz's? This one wasn't in our AP Style Guide...) ability to create a tingly feeling in your mouth that goes beyond their great fruit flavors. It's less intense than Pop Rocks...more of a gentle foamy fizz, but it definitely sets Zotz apart from your ordinary hard candy! We haven't noticed it giving us any special abilities or anything. We think "fizz power" just refers to its uncanny way of making us crave more Zotz. And frankly, we're ok with that!

Jimmy Sweet Tooth says: I remember a fizzing candy that I tried as a kid and it was too weird for me. I couldn't eat more than one. I always thought it was Zotz, but honestly, I can't imagine ever not liking this candy! It's not too unusual, but the candy does have a certain "activity" to it. Like, imagine if the vinegar and baking soda volcano you made as a kid were actually edible and had a great fruity flavor. That's what I think of every time I eat a Zotz. They're pretty cool!

They also have this remarkably soothing video on their YouTube channel. Take a look!

Major components:
Hard Candy, "Fizzy" Powder

Primary texture: Hard, "Fizzy"

Flavor profile: Fruity

Manufacturer: G.B. Ambrosoli

Year Introduced: 1968 (in the U.S.)

Zotz Fizz Power Candy Watermelon Unwrapped at AllCityCandy.comFlavors available: Blue Raspberry, Orange, Grape, Cherry, Apple, Watermelon,  Strawberry

Recommended if you like: Carbonated beverages, Pop Rocks

Brand Brothers and Sisters: Honees Milk & Honey Filled Hard Candy DropsHonees Honey Filled Hard Candy Drops 

Suggested uses: Great for stocking stuffers, candy buffets and road trips. Zots are kind of unusual and have a fun futuristic name and logo, so they're great for any space, alien, sci-fi or robot themed events you might be hosting. The connected "strings" of four pieces make them great for lunch box snacks or test taking...and any occasion where one piece of candy isn't enough (which is, of course, pretty much always).

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