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Candy A to Z: Yum Yum Marshmallow Cones

July 25, 2018

Candy A to Z: Y is for Yum Yum Marshmallow Cones at
If you've followed our blog for a while, you know that we really get a kick out of candy that looks like other stuff. For example, there are candies that look like other foods, such as our gummy hamburgers and hot dogs. There are candies that look like non-food items, like chocolate coins or rocks, or even gummy army men. And then there is today's featured item: Yum Yum Marshmallow Candy Cones.

These little wonders are perhaps the greatest of the lookalikes because they're made of our favorite thing ever--candy--and they resemble our second favorite thing ever: ice cream! Each one is made of an actual tiny ice cream cone topped Yum Yum Marshmallow Cones Candy Tub Of 30 Individually Wrapped Pieces at AllCityCandy.comwith a colorful swirl to create the perfect bite-sized (or bite-and-a-half-sized!) snack. Even better, they're naturally fat free! Beat that, real ice cream!

Another cool feature of these micro cones is that they won't get all drippy and turn your whole arm into a sticky mess on a hot day like real ice cream does. They do, however, change texture a bit with the weather, so depending on where you live and when you purchase them, the marshmallow may be rather crispy or perhaps more soft and fluffy. It kind of brings to mind the whole "fresh Peeps" vs. "stale Peeps" debate. Either way, we think they're pretty tasty!

Jimmy Sweet Tooth says: These are such fun little snacks! They're a bit sweet, a bit crispy, and a bit chewy. That covers all the bases for me! Plus, they're easier to deal with than an actual ice cream cone. No scooping, no melting, and you can keep them right in the pantry, or on the counter, or on your nightstand...You know, wherever you might need a snack close by! :)

Yum Yum Marshmallow Cones Candy 2 Packs - Case of 24 - at

Major components: Ice cream cone, marshmallow 

Primary texture: Crunchy, chewy

Flavor profile: Sweet

Manufacturer: Runk Candy Company

Year Introduced: 1936

Flavors available: All the same flavor, but they do have lots of fun colors!

Recommended if you like: Rice Krispie Treats, S'mores, Wafer cookies, Ice cream cones

Brand Brothers and Sisters:  BB Bats Banana Flavored TaffyBB Bats Chocolate Flavored TaffyBB Bats Strawberry Flavored TaffyBB Bats Vanilla Flavored TaffyKits Banana Taffy, Kits Chocolate Taffy, Kits Strawberry Taffy, Kits Vanilla Taffy 

Suggested uses: These ice cream cone look-a-likes are the perfect way to let the kids enjoy a treat without the mess of real soft serve. That makes them great for picnics, parties, carnivals, tee-ball games and more! They're also great to keep stashed in the pantry to brighten up a rainy day or serve as an after dinner surprise. Feeling creative? Work Yum Yum Cones into your gingerbread house, or use them to decorate cakes (serve them with an ice cream cake for a clever decoration with a delicious crunch!).

How much do you love Yum Yum Cones? Tell us all about it below! Or share your best decorating ideas that incorporated these mini ice cream cones.

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