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Candy A to Z: Slo Poke

May 03, 2018

By now it should be obvious that we're big fans of the classic candies of yesteryear. We get a kick out of helping people find favorite treats that aren't available on every supermarket candy rack. We love giving older folks the opportunity to revisit childhood favorites, and letting kids know that the candy their grandparents enjoyed is as yummy as anything on the market today.

Slo Poke is a great example of this type of nostalgic candy. The wrapper boasts that it's been "an American favorite for more than 80 years," and it's easy to see why. This delicious candy bar is as simple as they come--a golden brown chunk of firm caramel with impeccable flavor. Savoring a Slo Poke candy bar isn't just a chance to slow down, it's a chance to go back in time!

Jimmy Sweet Tooth says:
 Wow. This candy bar is basically just caramel, but that's like saying a fine wine is just fermented grape juice. And like a fine wine, there are all sorts of nuances in Slo Poke bars. Yes, there is an intense caramel flavor, but the long-lasting nature of this product gives you the chance to appreciate more than that. It's also buttery and has an almost nutty richness to it. And I swear I can taste a little coconut in there as well. How's that for a description? I'm like a candy sommelier!

Major components: Caramel

Primary texture: Chewy (firm chew)

Flavor profile: Sweet, Buttery, Caramel, Coconut

Manufacturer: Atkinson's

Year Introduced: 1926

Flavors available: Officially, only one--but Atkinson's Black Cow candy bar is a very similar product with a chocolate flavor.

Recommended if you like: Werther's Original, RoloCoconut Long Boys

Brand Brothers and Sisters: Coconut Long Boys, Chocolate Long Boys, Black Cow, Chick-O-Stick, Coconut Slice, Peanut Butter Bars, Fruit Flashers Hard Candy

Suggested uses: As the name suggests, this really is a great candy to eat slowly and savor. Enjoy it on a sunny summer afternoon, under the shade of a tall oak tree, while daydreaming about all the adventures you'll go on someday. Or share one with an old friend on your front porch as a cool autumn breeze swirls through your neighborhood. Yeah, it really is an old-fashioned, slow down and enjoy the moment type of candy :) It's also a great road trip snack!

Have you sampled a Slo Poke candy bar? Would you like to? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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