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Cella's Chocolate Covered Cherries

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Cella’s are delicious cherries covered with real chocolate. Each decadent, liquid-filled cherry is a bite of heaven. Boxes of foil wrapped cherries are available in real milk and dark chocolate.

Since 1864, Cella’s has been devoted to only one thing – producing the very best quality chocolate covered cherries. Cella’s cherries are created in a very special way, making them unique in the candy world. Cella’s cherries are surrounded by a delicious 100% clear liquid then encased in real chocolate. This process creates a confection which is truly special. The very best goes into each box of Cella’s 100% liquid center chocolate covered cherries – you’ll savor the goodness with every bite. They make the perfect gift for someone you care about or a special treat for yourself! Available in a variety of packages, including Valentine's Day gift boxes.

Remember to choose either milk or dark chocolate!